More than Pergolas!

As well as designing and building brilliant Patios and Decks we also specialise in the following enhancements to personalise your outdoor living areas further.  We also offer some inside improvements and renovations, which are listed below.

We can build:

Deck Encolsures

The enclosure can be installed as we build your deck or it can be fitted into an existing deck. We offer glass enclosures, mesh screen enclosures and combinations to create a sun room and offer protection from flies and mosquitoes. We can fully enclose your deck with walls and windows to create an extra room in your home.


Increase your privacy in your yard with a designer screen either horizontal or vertical. You can choose from timber battening or powder coated aluminium. Just ask us!


With carports we offer the same construction and options as Patios . We can build in timber, metal or a combination of both. The options are limitless. Carports can be free standing or attached to the house, and the carport roof can be any pitch or angle to suit your existing house roofline.


Again with Pergolas the construction is the same as in patios and can be built from either timber or metal frames. We can offer polycarb roofing , shade cloth covering or timber slats.

Gazeebos, Sheds & Cubbies

We can build anything you require in this department. No project too complicated or challenging. We have just finished building a shed wrapped around the outside of a water tank - the customer loves it. You can see it in the gallery.

Minor House Reno's

Minor house renovations - ie windows to doors, roller to sliding no problems! We install bathrooms and kitchens, we can enclose or move doorways and walls. We tile floors and walls, Just ask us.

Timber Arbour

Retaining Walls frame areas and create levels, making sloping yards workable and turning unusable land into usable land. We can build from timber, metal structures or recycled timber.

Extra Info

Some extra info

We can build entertaining areas around fire pits and add lighting to all structures We use and can recommend an Electrician and a Concretor.